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New Clients ONLY 

(never received any service from Ari Wax Skin)

Eligible through third party.

$20 | Under arm (female)

~ $13 (voucher)

$70 | Brazilian (female)

~ $45 (Voucher)

$145 | Deep Cleansing with LED

~ $94 (Voucher)

Treatment with a thorough double cleansing with or without steaming, deep cleansing and facial extraction (as needed)  with LED treatment (75 minutes).

Led light treatment.jpeg
Please read below before purchasing  and redeeming the coupon.
  • Please follow COVID -19 Procedures, click POLICY

  • Important Precautions for Waxing & Facial Treatment, click FAQ Waxing and FAQ Facial

  • The designated days & times for voucher users are : Tuesday (10 - 6PM) and Wednesday (10 - 6PM).

  • MUST book online : 

click BOOK NOW, choose VOUCHER.

Please fill out the form & consent for the service before the appointment scheduled and please text the voucher#.

  • Credit card required at booking; charges will only be applied in the event of a no-show or late cancellation (under 24 hours's notice). 

  • In the event your schedule does not fit the designated voucher times you may be subjected to a fee for booking outside of the scheduled time. This fee may be as much as the difference between the amount you paid and your scheduled service cost. In this case we will redeem your voucher and you will be subjected to a fee upon booking. 

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