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What we need to know about waxing services

  • Discontinue the use of Acne medications, Retin-A® (Trentoin), Adapalene, Isotretinoin, Clindamycin/tretinoin, Tazarotene, Acitretin, Bexarotene, Alitretinoin, Fluocinolone/Hydroconone/Tretinoin, Differn, Tazorac, Avage, Renova, Hydroxyl Acid or Retinol or any other prescribed topical Vitamin A derivative at least 15 days prior to your appointment. Failure to do so, can result in skin being lifted, torn, and/or burned. 

  • Accutane users must be off this medication for a minimum of one (1) year prior to waxing. By not doing so, skin can be lifted, torn, and/or burned. 

  • Taking blood thinner / aspirin / corticosteroids? We will do a patch test to determine if you can receive hair removal service or consult with your Drs.

  • If you currently undergoing any Chemical Peels, Dermabrasion, Facial Surgery, or Laser Treatment, you need Doctor’s release in order to receive hair removal.

  • Using any over the counter Glycolic Acids, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Benzoyl Peroxide, or Salicylic Acid for wrinkle or blemishes? You must be free for 5-7 days on the area to have hair removal. Failure to do so, can result in skin being lifted, torn, and/or burned.

  • Are you expecting menstrual cycle? Always allow 5 days for menstrual cycle. Because of water retention and for your own personal comfort, you should avoid hair removal 2 days before your cycle is due and 2 days after it is completed

Before Waxing

  1. No shaving or plucking the area prior to your appointment. Shaving cuts the hair at a blunt angle causing stubble; it does not pull the hair out at the root and the hair begins to grow back within hours.

  2. After first time waxing, hair growth has a few stages.  When returning for your next wax, you may be between cycles and re-growth of hair may appear quicker until we get it all on the same cycle. 

  3. For optimal results - the hair should be 1/4" to 1/2" long for all body waxing (we do not measure hair, it’s ready to be waxed if the length of a grain of rice). This makes for a cleaner wax and reduced tweezing. 

  4. Tight clothes blocks the hair from getting to the surface. Come with loose fitting, non-elastic pants and panties. Lace or unbreathable materials can cause irritation in the area. Suggest wearing plain cotton underwear after your waxing procedure. 

  5. Avoid alcohol and caffeine 24 hours before your wax since both can cause your skin to be more inflamed and sensitive. 

  6. Do not go tanning – direct or indirect - during the 3 days before a body wax. 

  7. Take an over-the-counter pain reliever or numbing cream about 30 minutes before your waxing to temporarily reduce pain and sensitivity. 

  8. It is best when you exfoliate a day before your appointment, arrive clean and freshly showered for your body waxing appointment. 

  9. Redness, irritation, bruising, skin lifting etc. can occur. Prior to vacations, plan in advance to have one treatment early and a second a few days prior to vacation. 

  10. In cases where your body hair is very long, it's best to trim it down (not less than the length of a rice grain) so that the waxing is more comfortable (accidents can happen with scissors, so I prefer not to trim). I will tweeze during the service if absolutely needed. 


After Waxing

  1. Do not apply deodorant to newly waxed underarms or use skin products containing alcohol after facial waxing.

  2. Do not expose your skin to sun, tanning, hot tubs, sauna, swimming, tanning, or working out for at least 48 hours after your wax. The area is sensitive to bacteria right after being waxed, so proper aftercare is essential for a safe result.

  3. We encourage exfoliate with sugar or salt scub / loofah / exfoliating mitt once a week with your regular wash to inhibit ingrown hair.

  4. Avoid shaving between your waxes, as shaving causes the hairs to become very coarse.  Coarse hair can be difficult to wax.

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