$15 Off Ari's New Brazilian Client

Sanitary reason - NO Double Dipping.

NO Re-use wax sticks to dip into the wax pot.

Our Studio Policy & FAQ Waxings 

Before Booking, please read Studio Policy and FAQ Waxings for more information.  Our Salon Policy & FAQ Waxings 

About Brazilian and Bikini Wax for Women

Ari's Bikini Brazilian services have nicknames (listed below) so you can make an appointments discreetly if you'd like. 

It is recommended that waxing be done every 4 to 5 weeks but it can vary from individual to individual. At the end of each service, Ari will ask you to check yourself for any hairs that need to be removed before you leave the room. If you see some missed hairs when you get home, please contact Ari within 24 hours; touch up (free of charge) will be done within 3 days of initial service.

Female Brazilian service available for age 19 and above.

Nufree Nudesse for Our Hair Removal Service

Ari's service uses NUFREE NUDESSE

  • Discontinue the use of Acne medications, Retinol, Differin, AHA (Glycolic, Lactic), Exfoliants, Scrubs, Retin-A at least 14 days prior to your appointment. 

  • Accutane users must be off this medication for a minimum of one (1) year prior to waxing. Failing to do so can result in skin being lifted, torn, and/or burned.

  • Come fresh with loose fitting, non-elastic pants and panties; lace or unbreathable materials can cause irritation in the area. Suggest wearing plain cotton underwear after your waxing procedure.

Bikini Area - Female Only

$70 | Brazilian ~ For myself

$45 | Extended Bikini ~ Curious

$35 | Bikini ~ Good friend

$80 | Buttocks ~ Sweet donuts

Face Area

$20 | Brows 

$25 | Brows + lip

$10 | Lip 

$15 | Chin 

$20 | Cheeks 

$20 | Sideburns

$70 | Full face

Body Area

$20 | Under arms 

$30 | Shoulder 

$40 | Chest

$40 | Stomach

$35 | Lower Back 

$95 | Full back


$45   | Half arms

$85   | Full arms 

$65   | Half legs

$125 | Full legs


$70   | Half arms

$135 | Full arms 

$90   | Half legs

$175 | Full legs

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