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NO Double Dipping for sanitary reason.  
NO Re-use wax sticks to dip into the wax pot.

*Please note that results of Ari's treatments may vary from person to person, and no guarantees are made.

Brazilian and Bikini wax for women

It is recommended that waxing be done every 4 to 5 weeks but it can vary from individual to individual. At the end of each service, Ari will ask you to check yourself for any hairs that need to be removed before you leave the room. If you see some missed hairs when you get home, please contact Ari within 24 hours; touch up (free of charge) will be done within 3 days of initial service.

Female brazilian service available for age 19 and above.

  • Discontinue the use of Acne medications, Retinol, Differin, AHA (Glycolic, Lactic), Exfoliants, Scrubs, Retin-A at least 14 days prior to your appointment. 

  • Accutane users must be off this medication for a minimum of one (1) year prior to waxing. Failing to do so can result in skin being lifted, torn, and/or burned.

  • It is best when you exfoliate a day before your appointment, arrive fresh with loose fitting, non-elastic pants and panties; lace or unbreathable materials can cause irritation in the area. Suggest wearing plain cotton underwear after your waxing procedure.

  • Do not apply deodorant to newly waxed underarms or use skin products containing alcohol after facial waxing.

  • Do not expose your skin to sun, tanning, hot tubs, sauna, swimming, tanning, or working out for at least 48 hours after your wax. The area is sensitive to bacteria right after being waxed, so proper aftercare is essential for a safe result.

  • We encourage exfoliate with sugar or salt scub / loofah / exfoliating mitt once a week with your regular wash to inhibit ingrown hair.

  • Avoid shaving between your waxes, as shaving causes the hairs to become very coarse.  Coarse hair can be difficult to wax.

Waxing or any hair removal should not be painful. Lots of “not nice stories” that worry people should be checked for clarification - who did the service, how that person crafts her waxing process, plus what kind of wax they use. All these factors will make a big difference between waxing services. ⁣

Ari has been offering waxing services as well as her famous facials since 2005. She took classes for each body part because each involves different shapes, bones and muscles.⁣

So, make sure you get waxing from a licensed Esthetician, see how they clean their wax pot, no “double dipping” the wax stick (must use different stick for each wax application for sanitary reason) and how the pre + post waxing treatments are done. ⁣

Fresh Facial + Face Wax


25 minutes facial to freshen & hydrates the skin (no extractions) + face waxing 

BIKINI AREA - Female Only

$75 | Brazilian

$50 | Extended Bikini 

$40 | Bikini

$30 | Tummy strip

$90 | Buttocks (butt cheeks)



$  20 | Under arms 

$100 | Arms 

$150 | Legs 

$  35 | Lower Back 

$  40 | Chest$  85 | Back (above top of butt line)

$  40 | Stomach


$  30 | Under arms

$  70 | Chest

$180 | Back + Shoulder + half upper arm

$  60 | Stomach

$  45 | Shoulder

$150 | Arms 

$180 | Legs (below the lines of boxer short, must wear short pants)



$20 | Brows 

$30 | Brows + Tint

(Tint/color that adhere to the hair NOT the skin.  *If no hair, this is not for you)



$10 | Lip

$15 | Tint Only

$25 | Brows + Lip 

$35 | Brows + Tint + Lip 

$25 | Chin (inc. under chin)

$30 | Cheeks (inc. side burn) 

$75 | Face (inc. brows)

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