Waxing & Facial for Humanity

At an early age, I hoped to one day open my own orphanage & senior home. In my 20s I became involved with individuals who needed help financially. In April 2021 – during the pandemic – I received a wonderful opportunity to support seven privately-run orphanages with beautiful kids, and most of their daily expenses relied on donations. Not an easy journey but fortunately I married a man who has been involved in humanitarian activities since a young age too.


With YOUR help and my husband support I can distribute 100% of my income from Ari Wax Skin to support these orphanages, orphans who still live with their families, seniors and relatives in Indonesia – for over 850 people.

How Ari Philanthropy works and why we do not accept donations

I am humbled and appreciative to know that people ask me how to donate! This cause is run from my personal income and the profit from Ari Wax Skin.

Since I do not have a foundation or a non-profit organization, Ari Wax Skin cannot accept donations. Please purchase our services & products as the best way to contribute.

My niece is the contact person for 7 orphanages. My brother is the contact person for 3 orphanages and others in need. We do not give cash except for payments to daily building contract workers and distributes by the orphanage care taker.  None of the receivers contact me directly. My niece and brother directly pay school tuitions, hospital bills, burials, and rent. Both of them discuss with me  their daily, monthly or emergency needs and purchases from local stores or home industry so the funds from Ari Wax Skin get distributes to a broader population and help the local economy run. 

Because of YOU, we provide:

  • weekly food

  • monthly laundry supplies

  • monthly school tuitions

  • new uniforms yearly

  • replacement shoes & sandals 

  • replacement underwear + sleepwear

  • replacement beds & mattresses

  • replacement bed sheets + pillows + blankets

  • renovated bedrooms

  • renovated bathrooms

  • renovated study rooms

  • rebuilt 2 kitchens damaged from trees & mold

  • rebuilt 1 orphanage building from storm damage

  • built and replaced water tanks

  • built pray room & replacement prayer outfits

  • soccer, badminton, and other games for outdoor activities

  • paid hospitalization, surgeries and burial for over 50 people

  • paid 10 years rent (2-bedroom house) for 3 brothers of orphans

  • restock a retail kiosk at an orphanage to help run their fund

  • purchased lambs, chickens and honey bees to help them learn to farm and become self-sufficient

  • relocated 1 orphan who was adopted by her abusive aunt after the loss of both parents & brother

Data per September, 2022 :

Fully support :
  • Orphanage 1 : 156 kids

  • Orphanage 2 : 109 kids

  • Orphanage 3 : 101 kids

  • Orphanage 4 : 160 kids

  • Orphanage 5 : 117 kids

  • Orphanage 6 :   97 kids

  • Orphanage 7 :   89 kids

  • Babies : 3

  • Care taker : 22 people

  • Orphans live outside orphanage : 3 kids

Partial support :
  • Orphanage A : 35 kids

  • Orphanage B : 32 kids

  • Orphanage C : 16 kids

  • Care taker : 15​

  • Seniors

  • Relatives