Packages, Specials and Membership

Waxing & Facial

  • Prepaid - Non-refundable - Non-transferable for product or people 

  • Expires 6 months from purchase date.

  • Ari Wax & Skin policy applies.

  • Same Body Part only (Waxing)

  • Waxing package can be traded for a different waxing treatment if you pay the price difference (based on regular price).

  • Facial package can be traded for a different facial treatment if you pay the price difference (based on regular price).

  • No Refund if traded to lower price service than your package.​


$185 | Brazilian  

$120 | Extended Bikini  

$  90 | Bikini  

$215 | Buttocks  

$  50 | Brows  

$  25 | Lip  

$  65 | Brows + lip 

$  40 | Chin 

$200 | Full face 


$260 | Customized Facial  

$400 | Ari's Signature  

$400 | Dermal Glow 

$350 | Oxygen Treatment  

$320 | Clear & Bright  


The benefits of membership are saving money & maintaining a regular treatment schedule for full effectiveness. At Ari's, you don't need to sign any membership contract but we have rules to follow (see below). The Member Price not available with Online Booking. If you re-book ONLINE within 6 weeks range, please book at the regular price and we will adjust it.

Waxing : the rate or speed of hair growth is about 1.25 centimetres or 0.5 inches per month, or about 15 centimetres or 6 inches per year.

Facial : the skin naturally sheds dead skin cells through a process called desquamation. Every 28-40 days, on average, a new skin cell is "born" in the stratum germinativum, the deepest layer of the epidermis.


Full Face


Customized Facial

Ari's Signature

Dermal Glow

Oxygen Treatment

Clear & Bright

Conditions :

  • Must receive one of the following to be elligible : Brazilian, Full Face, Buttock, Facial.

  • Must rebook within 2 - 6 weeks and show for appointment to maintain membership. 

  • Cancellation or no-show will DEACTIVATE your membership.

  • You are allowed to re-schedule 1 time only in that 6 week range.

  • Ari Wax & Skin Policy applies.


Discounts CANNOT be combined at once or with any other discounts, offers, or third- party gift certificates.


$15 OFF on Brazilian Wax

15% OFF on Any Facial​


20% OFF on Service per referral

*ACTIVE - Fire EMS Police Military

10% OFF Regular Service Price ONLY during a single visit.  *Please show your ID.


15% OFF (on birthday month) for regular services during a single visit. *Please show your ID.


15% Off

Customized Facial, Clear & Bright​

15% Off

Brazilian, Extended Bikini, Bikini, Buttocks, Full face, Full back


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